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Heat substation unit

Efipa have made many of Years  research and development of heat substation units to make them reliable, cost-effective and to be on the newest technical level. Efipa product range has the best unit for any type of need – for new buildings, for renovating or for industry use.

Standard configuration of heat substation units include heat exchangers, automated regulating, pumps, pipes and fittings. Also the internal electrical connections are prefabricated and tested. Efipa heat substation units are using mainly brazed heat exchangers but on special demand could we use and gasket or spiral heat exchangers. Especially for steam heat substation units are very sensitive on heat exchangers type.

Every single Efipa heat substation unit is dimensioned on specialized computer program and have unique three dimensional drawings of units.

To have the best results for every customer, we make a substation unit on every configuration and dimensions - the only limit could be the imagination of customer

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